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Our Story

.Our coaching philosophy is born from a love of the water and adventure.  The ultimate goal for all swimmers is to build the skills and endurance to confidently navigate all aquatic environments for life.

Focused on ending water accidents, our technique offers a radically different theory than traditional swim instruction. Those who swim with us and see the immediate results always wonder, "Why is every swim program not teaching this way?".


With over 20 years of coaching experience, a BA in recreation, training in behavior management, a foundation in the "total immersion" philosophy, adaptive aquatics, and a focus on transformational coaching, Sarah Fretwell's philosophy is one of a kind, and her proven methodology is incredibly effective.


Our coaches tailor instruction to each swimmer's skill level and needs.  The method builds confidence and maximizes endurance by focusing on buoyancy, breath, and body awareness.  Techniques and patterning teach swimmers to maximize their energy by helping them understand how their bodies and the water interact. 


The instructor's expertise and presence creates a safe environment for challenge, fun, consistent structure, and personal success. The methodology meets each swimmer where they are and shows them the exact steps to take their swimming to the next level.

Meet SwimSB

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