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Toddler Swim


At twelve months and older, we often start with a caregiver in the water and then transition to 1:1 with the teacher, once your little one is comfortable with the instructor.  We train the parent and the child so you can work on skills outside of lessons for maximum progression. 


Children of this age build an understanding of their new environment through consistent exposure.  Students develop comfort by learning how their bodies and the water interact.  They learn to trust the water and know the patterns.  Since you do not have as much input from gravity in the water as you do on land, we teach body awareness, breath control, buoyancy, and self-recovery. 


If parents are in the water with us, we also show you how to swim with your child and work on possible scenarios in which you need to rescue them if they have fallen in. We aim to build comfort in the new environment and develop the skills needed to be confident and independent as soon as possible.

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