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Adult Pool & Ocean Swim


Adult Swimmer

Our adult coaching focuses on stroke refinement, breathwork, and adjusting body position to improve efficiency and maximize workouts. 


Even longtime swimmers benefit from a trained set of eyes and seeing some video of their habits in the water to ensure the best long-term benefits.

Whether you are training for a triathlon or swimming for fitness, we can make your swimming more efficient and make adjustments that prevent or adapt for injuries.


Ocean swimming is also available.

Non Swimmer

Many adults took basic lessons when they were young and are not confident swimmers.  Parents often confide in us because they want their children to be confident in the water because they are afraid of the water.

We strongly urge non-swimming adults to consider working with us so they can build comfort and learn to navigate the aquatic environment. There is no shame or embarrassment for where you are at or for working through past water trauma.  Also, if you have children, it will make you all safer around the water should you need to help them!

Adults who have worked with us are thrilled that once they are independent swimming opens up a world of opportunities to them.  Many are surprised by their progress and empowered by feeling confident in their new skills.


We have had people set goals of going from non swimming to completing open water races, jumping off a waterfall, and surprising their family by diving into the deep end of the pool on vacation - when their family still thought they could not swim!


Ocean education, safety, and swimming is also available once we have worked together in the pool.

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