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Infant Swim


Did you know that for children of this age, water is the environment they are most used to?   At age four months and older, with a parent or caregiver in the water, we focus on water introduction and the basics, depending on your baby's nervous system development.


Babies can backfloat and submerge (with proper technique).  We train the parent and the child so you can work on skills outside of lessons for maximum progression. You may hear some people say to wait until they are older for cognitive learning, but we are training muscle memory and behavior patterns so they are safer in the aquatic environment. 


While they may not be independent at this age, time in the water helps make them much safer and helps prevent this high-risk category from taking water into their lungs or swallowing it when they do submerge.  This can buy you much-needed seconds in an accidental submersion.  We are huge proponents of getting children in the water early and staying in!

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